Alicia Lewis: The Veil

Fall '13 TOC

The way you stand, constructed,
tells me that you are not happy.
You need not fret. Nor pretend.
The veil will protect you.

It is written in many languages
the kindness of god, the happiness
of goddess, the marriage of two
souls united behind a veil.

But the veil distorts two.
It distorts happiness, the knowing
that two can become one.
The veil can not be lifted.

Women hide. In many cultures
Men hide their women. Men
and women knowingly keep
each other tethered to the veil.

A beautiful woman behind a veil
distances her soul from her self. A
beautiful woman is only beautiful
because of the veil.

The veil transfers beauty, therefore,
no one can see the marriage of two,
the image distorted, the language uncertain.



Not Enough Night
Not Enough Night
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