Stephanie Anderson: Assay 16

Fall '13 TOC

Tumble weed and orange soil.

It's a different state.

How quickly the landscape changes. The mountains blending into the mesas.

Here, the firecracker grasshoppers are red.

Copper in the hills.

A blank green arrow to the summit.

A natural white wall.

I cry on the mesa.

They also come in orange, blue, and a white or pale yellow with black.

Sunset is a scenic overlook.

A hand painted sign that says NO LIMBS.

A white stone road on red soil.

All of it seems on the verge of collapse, R says.

Every other green road sign says Cemetery.

The juncture of Kingfisher and Omega.

The creeks are all named. The cemeteries are all unnamed.



Not Enough Night
Not Enough Night
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