Stephanie Anderson: Assay 14

Fall '13 TOC


The rest cure. Hot springs, and it's sort of astonishing, how you can get used to being naked in public if other people – preferably strangers – are naked too. The small chat is the same as ever. You are a body among bodies. It's not eavesdropping. You might as well revel. The body a measure of certainty. She sits in the shallow pool, lies back, lets the bits of algae swarm her thighs. Branches frame a vista. Her head on a rock near the small falls. It's like getting the car at the right speed and holding it there, R says. Too warm, she folds the knees up out of the water to catch cool air. She turns onto her stomach, ass above the water.

Driving the dirt road, they stop for a barred owl in a tree. Its back is to us; it corkscrews its head to watch us.

This is how to short-circuit the distance between inside and out.



Not Enough Night
Not Enough Night
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