Alicia Lewis: Ask for Love

Fall '13 TOC

Ask for love that is never remorseful.
Receive this unencumbered.
Ask and be given love because
It is yours and all things must love.

Be love that is unbridled and become,
Because there is nothing
So absent from each of us that
Stings when we are not asking.

As you knew this when you chided me.
I was inexperienced and swift in love
Before I knew you had other lovers
Who asked. I couldn't understand.

Be love to receive love because
It is not yours freely, it is splintered.
Will each of those fractions of love
Become whole when we ask?

And will we ask, embellishing our
Souls with fortitude, knowledge
Giving ourselves over to love
Or will we be defeated?

Love that is willing is becoming
Whole before our night draws
Rendering us unable and unwilling
to become that which love is.

And that which is love is wounded
Only when my heart tells me,
Beckons me to a new awareness
Often overlooked and ignored.

Heartened in love to become whole
I share myself, respecting this,
Respecting you. Divesting.



Not Enough Night
Not Enough Night
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