Missi Rasmussen: Anadiplosis* of a Poem

Fall '13 TOC

A poem can be written in a form.
Form is the fur of the poem.
Of the poem is a blend of left flush
Flush right and an eight-line stanza.
Stanza number is the sum of the now.
Now what the __________. Tell me it's not!
Not the mathematical Fibonacci sequence.
Sequence is mere speculation.
Speculate that I am an autosalesman.
I am an autosalesman, and I love you.
You are the eight-line stanza with the beat count.
Count out the sum of the previous stanzas.
Stanzas are feminine and lines are masculine.
Masculine endings are also called rising endings.
Rising is an onomatopoeia.
Uh, splat, sizzle, buzz, puff.
Puff is rethinking Hamlet's soliloquy.
Soliloquy is a silly word, and I hope it's not a typo.
Type oh a poem. Written in a form. A poem.


*Repetition of the last word or phrase of a line or stanza at the beginning of the next line or stanza.




Not Enough Night
Not Enough Night
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