Hillary Keel: Up to

Fall '12 TOC

Today I entered an elevator
Haley's breasts removed under the influence of Windhorse
My sister has no cancer
My son hasn't replied
I wrote my final-exam essays on meditation:
the six realms of fixation
shamatha and vipasyana
The Spanish woman gave me glass after glass of water and peppermint tea and I fear for her impending marriage
Today Bobbi and Dee-Dee met in my kitchen, we all laughed drinking Red Rose
The girl-dancer woman's eyes widen when I tell her stories of Vienna, Prague, of Vlasta
I love to teach teapot, blue bottle, little pumpkin in my kitchen
Have to go to Soho this week and stock up on cobbles and crystals for Sophie
Will Paul reply?
I've found poems, I am certain I see myself in these verses of strawberry god, fishes and northern chances
The morning's tarot card says I am stuck, no progress
Stood there waiting, then in came the Columbian woman with the golden retriever on a leash; the doors sealed us in, we elevated a few feet and jolted to a standstill
silver subway
I sit smooth
and hard, flashing
underground tunnels
my mind looks
at your upright
gesture, dark knees
curved on white
bed, you stroke
outstretched legs
between my
selves, then your
hands up-thigh
graze, your
gaze with fingers
explores fleshy
crevice and bud, your
love there
later a flash
of shoulder smooth
and smooth your
chest and richness
against purple and rust 
I am
that round surface
of fish and death ground
richness of furrowed exploration
an opening of earth, the compost
of mausoleum, hair flips and purple
scarf the twinkle of beret over statue
with torch and your nod over
water up hill, your palm a presence
on rolling terrain, "That's it," you
say, a cup on table, a gesture, a hum
a list of words
I want music again, over
and over the same song or
other, the swordfish trombone
birthday boy whose songs
to kiss through – a vibe or
other as parallel worlds
spiral out and inward, inner
wave ripples the house of decay
the mold on ribbons in drawer
forgotten the lighthouse beams
in subway surge a hard gem reflects
flickering endurance
condensation on window pane
Not Enough Night
Not Enough Night
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