Linda Norton: Artist's Statement

Fall '12 TOC


All of this work is small. Everything I do involves glue.
The five bird collages are from a 2010 series, American Song Book (Passerines). They're made from cut paper, acrylic paint, and pencil and pen. They're all works on canvas. The quote about the language of birds is from W. H. Auden.
The other five collages are part of a series made from dime-a-dozen postcards and Wite-Out, nail polish, and Sharpie. I made these in my office on 42nd Street and at home in Brooklyn in 1993-94 (around the time the World Trade Center was bombed for the first time, and then during my pregnancy).The quote about symbols comes from one of Emerson's essays.
Not Enough Night
Not Enough Night
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