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We're back to begin our eighth year of publication. It seems to be a time of beginnings, or re-starts.
Barack Obama just received what amounted to a mandate for his second term in as nasty and contentious and exhausting a campaign as any of us has likely endured.
There's something the late George Carlin said during the '88 Bush/Clinton election. "The way I see it, if I was on a desert island with either one of these guys and there was only one pie in the world, Clinton might give me a slice, and Bush wouldn't."
More than ever, that sums up what choices are available.
Recently, writer Bobbie Louise Hawkins pointed out in conversation that we have a profusion of people in our culture who only talk for a living.
Sports talk, entertainment, politics, babble. The trick is to learn how and when to turn it off.
So let those of us still committed to language, move on from the toxicity of these past months and renew our commitment to the written word, the holy text, the sacred page, albeit on parchment or presented electronically.
As for discourse, let it be delivered with less jargon and more literature; less bluster and more poetry.
And so, welcome to the latest issue of not enough night.
--Junior Burke
November 2012



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