Shannon Ongaro: Glendive

Fall '12 TOC

flying time over
                        there are dinosaurs
                                    buried in rocks
                                    under trees
                               the work of storms
                                 above and
                                 storms below
                                    Cessna 172 and our pilot Craig
                                    (aluminum rails and
                                    steel pins)
                                    I know these mechanisms
                           running my fingers over
                             the holes and looking
                             for elongated circles
                               I think about other
                               rails- broken ones
                        in the sky above Glendive
                           I fly
                           and something else
                        flies through me
               the evening sun
            shines on our Yellowstone River
                 pink and gold
                        and black clouds            
         and Craig telling stories of a place he loves


Not Enough Night
Not Enough Night
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