Hillary Keel: Anyway

Fall '12 TOC

Set adrift by Turkish tea music by Eliza-
bethan winter of 1607- 1608 when the
Thames blinked smooth or/ and arche-
typal love: brief all consuming Desde-
mona's enigma to your Othello cut un-
answered the questions: one tells all,
one tells
just writing tips in Nigerian time at
edges of scraps to relieve imbalance
as gas escapes and flares up since
1956 or canoe's oily fill empty of fish
extinct mangroves saturated cloth yel-
lowed in the Delta the manatee where
taboo magic once das Gesetz houses cam-
ouflaged with palm leaves you remem-
bered war a broken leap a cow drinks
eggnog a clan nation where uncle re-
bels wave flags for the executed though
when you're through with someone
you're through no skype sessions no
emails and you grazed your palm
against my scarred toe –
I heard that coming the very first
day but when I hesitated you said
you were afraid true & genuine.
Now hillside mausoleum bench and
snow speckles patter (Ah, the Turkish
tea! The Turkish teaglass!) Manhattan
line skies grains of milky mist spires
into Brooklyn a plane heads down
and shiplights glimmer bay's creamy
hour below across New Jersey all
enshrouded; covering in crystals
feet touch wide through heavy wool
in Cartwrights an ancestor's key now
mine now zünftig that copper beech
looks like a house.
Not Enough Night
Not Enough Night
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