Jasper Lotus Hawkins: Wild Morning

=================================== Fall '11 TOC

mirror upon mirror pond
geese herding young in damp grasses
pecking at first signs of spring
pairs of ducks reacquainting
joggers chasing their breath
dog walkers walk dogs
skateboards skate by
bicycles peddle past
traffic inches forward toward
intersection of pedestrian fashion show

shop owners flip signs, turn keys to open
cafes brewing gossip
small town news
two crepes — one sweet, one savory
latte extra foam
gathering of pierced punk rockers
part, allowing passage, acknowledging me as one of them.

thin twig of lavender decorates the plate
my lavender and wildflowers will bloom
in someone else's garden this year
Dylan, my seed, my son
my wild lovely one
let me smell the wildflowers
flow free through my blood
I stayed above ground to love you.

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Not Enough Night
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