Jasper Lotus Hawkins: The Repeat of the Repeated

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20 Minutes in the Beauty of Bewilderment

Standing naked beside myself,
a wilderness of one
no longer existing,
surrounded by many.

I am a ninety two year old man
dying in your arms.
I am a young woman who
cannot see but I see you.

Whispering trees urging me
home speaking in a language
I desperately want
to understand.

Ancestors calling, singing
me back to my original self.
How do they know
I’ve gone missing?

I rub my limbs with wild
lavender and return to
the dream of its own dream,
the repeat of the repeated.

Searching to the depths
of a cluttered ocean.
There you are underwater,
dry, sitting, floating.

“Where have you been,” I ask.
“Behind you, in front of you,”
you say. I am there
and still missing.

My chemistry is stunned
with my wanting. Contractions
aching in my solar
plexus expanding

reaching out to touch you
without touching.
Tattoo me with your touch.
I will carry you home.

This is my moment
to love you. My waking is
with you sleeping in my
wanting, swimming, blending.

Mysterious melting
ice in the spice of
our distant souls,

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