Caitlin Scholl: Rat

=================================== Fall '11 TOC

I waited for twenty minutes today

for an absent train.
Perhaps it dissolved

      but I don’t really care—
To pass the time I watched you
and your little rail-tripping cohort
scuttle among the refuse.
Everyone hates you and I remembered
this watching you moan;

      (were you moaning?)
No, you were silent, silent as a
root in the subway
flying under the radar,
I saw your secret wings folded

      neatly in your side pockets.
The European girl next to me
got it all on film.
I hear it will be a big hit in Korea,
the bootleg is already all over the internet.
I’m only telling you this so you can

      fly fly away
cause they’re coming for you soon
and truthfully it was tender,
how you ruffled amongst the garbage.
Everyone hates you, (you know),
but not me, not this one, oh Rat!
You better act quickly, don’t
waste a moment—
Get out of town fast!


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