Jasper Lotus Hawkins: Polar Bear Dream

=================================== Fall '11 TOC

dune dune naked reclining
on the dune propped up on my elbow
head head in my hand
gazing at a polar bear
bear staring at my bare body reclining

my boy my boy my sleeping boy beside me
across from the bear I stare at my boy
remember his face the face he made
the first time he tasted broccoli
a broccoli tree steamed green bright green
the green of grass under a hungry lawnmower
no mower in the dune the dune of sand

my sleeping boy his resting head on my elbow
eye to eye so far from here
polar bear swim swim us to New York
while we sleep on your arching fuzzy back
back to the glitter of the city night sky
sky scraper scrape the sky sleep sleep
sleep above the forest of broccoli trees

at the edge of the dune at the edge of the city
at the edge of the sky asleep drifting slowly
above the seascape of time
with my boy his sleeping face
the boy of my dreaming broccoli forest
upon the back of the swimming bear
swimming bear swimming

take us back to the night sky
your home so far from wherever
we've landed swimming asleep
push the lawn mower buzz across the sky
erase trees in the clouds to spell
NEW YORK YORK peppermint patty
after cheesy dripping broccoli on elbow pasta
piece by piece placed upon the tongue
of my little bear
my sleeping bear
my polar bear prince sleeping

how many times have we traveled together over
the broccoli enchanted ocean to visit the onyx eyes
our polar bear dream underwater gliding
diving into our reflection

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