Not Enough Night

Monica Claire Antonie’s new book, One More Beat (September, 2011), contains many more of her photographs in a collaborative collage with

the poetry of Harris Schiff. It is available at Monica began photographing poets, painters, and performers during the mid-1970s, a time when no one else was doing that. She documented poetry readings, new wave performances, and works by artists in Andy Warhol’s sphere of influence. Monica photographed for Lita Hornick at

several of The Museum of Modern Art poetry events, during the years 1978–1994. Monica’s photographs have appeared in Nice to See You –

Homage to Ted Berrigan, Anne Waldman, ed. (Coffee House Press, 1991); Dabble: Poems 1966-1980 by John Godfrey (Full Court Press, 1982); Superstar in a Housedress – The Jackie Curtis Movie (Craig Highberger, 2004), and many other small press publications. She is the

publisher-editor of Accent Editions. Forthcoming, Winter, 2012: Tom Weigel's, Watch That Side.

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