Jasper Lotus Hawkins: High Above

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the twenty-third-floor behind the
ten-foot-tall wall of glass four
eyes overlook a park down
where children’s legs stand still
waving arms above their heads
fingertips raining. Headlights
illuminate sea of snowflakes
falling through between night
forest. Ten thousand Tibetan
nuns and monks touch
foreheads to the earth sea
saffron burgundy. Eight geese
whisper wings to clouds in front
of full moon face gazing drowsy.
Fifteen farmhands at daybreak
plant seeds bend forward sift
through stones in sand a far-off
field. A deaf man rests his head
back peers sideways as
Himalayan landscape drifts past
his helicopter window. A five-year-
old girl swims underwater
bubbles follow the length from
here to there. Wheat grasses
swaying for fifty acres of sun.
Skiers on a distant mountain
carve tears into her surface.
Lonely so still the ears listen to
hear the blood flowing behind
the mind. Sealed off broken in
half severed. Seaweed waits at
the bottom of the ocean to
welcome brush of a traveler. A
child is taken from his mother’s
arms for the last time. Pain too
old to weep. Fuzzy photographs
surprise found hidden in
unexpected places. She
swallowed diamonds day after
day because they were to buy
the bread. Forty-three years of
days of waking and walking and
wondering where the walking is
to. Night. Sky dazzling field of
star cold mist. Alone. Without.
Wherever. A bird will land there.

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