Jasper Lotus Hawkins: Drowning

=================================== Fall '11 TOC

a stranger standing
in empty space
standing in empty space
wearing my shoes
that never fit
either of us

dancing with my shadow
we are a spinning orchestra
flying blindly above
sorrow growing into
a vibrant tree
over the edge of a cliff
dropping limbs
crumbling leaves

my wings are on fire
there is no water left
drowning in dry tears
my blood flowing frozen

living on the other side
of nowhere
an invisible window

please stay
wake up to me
flames are consuming my fire
sensing the illusion
no direction home

I am on fire
there is no water left
I am drowning
staying to leave
living into death
chills of darkness
health into madness
transform my tears
crumbling inside
my pockets full of seashells

there is no water left
I am drowning

silence unbearably loud
noise invisibly painful
pain is relative
I am a camel
burning in the sun

thirsting blindly searching
for the map staring into
the face my only illusion

he died in my arms
I said goodbye but
he couldn't hear me
he left before I could
say goodbye

please stay
stay so I can
say goodbye
stay awake with me
live a while beside me
before you die alive
in my arms
open your eyes
I can't see you
in this light
I am drowning
there is no more water

stay with me
a moment a day
longer please don't leave
I am drowning
into dust
there is no more water
what song is that song
from our yesterday
last year a lifetime ago
I know that song you sang
to me once before I lost
the water there is
no more water

drowning is drowning
light is light swallowing
its own light
my light is drowning
I am drowning

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