NEN Fall 2012 Cover Photo by Junior Burke
Cover photo by Junior Burke    

This issue is dedicated to the memory of New Yoek Poet, Paul Violi.

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                                                                      Introduction by Junior Burke                       

Allan Andre

Recipient of the 2nd annual Margaret Tandall Poetry Prize from the Academy of American Poets as selected by Danielle Vogel

          building his own coffin (Audio - MP3)

          Insect Harvest (Audio - MP3)

          The Way My Grandma Learned to Smile (Audio - MP3)


Monica Claire Antonie


14 Poets

          Helen Adam

          Miguel Algarin

          Ted Berrigan and Harris Schiff

          Diane di Prima

          Kenward Elmslie

          John Godfrey

          Jackson Mac Low and Anne Waldman

          Jackie Curtis and Elio Schneeman

          Elio Schneeman

          Janine Pommy Vega

          Paul Violi


Cheryl J. Fish

          Box of Noses

          In the Mangroves

          Oscillations, Or Waterlogged

          Yours and Mine

          Supine Dome (Bucky Fuller at Black Mountain College)


Shane Clements

          On Being the Greatest

          The Instruction Manual

          The Night Has a Thousand Eyes

          The Poet as Matt Murdock


Kate Greenstreet


          The Ballad Form



          The Giant


Julie Carr

          [Opening Shot]



          [The Unborn]


Caitlin Scholl

          Childhood One

          Childhood Two

          Breakfast in the Pink Room

          Reproduction or Family Planning





Jasper Lotus Hawkins

          High Above

          Polar Bear Dream

          The Repeat of the Repeated



          I Woke and I Waited

          Wild Morning

Not Enough Night
Not Enough Night
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