Caitlin Scholl: Coney

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Oceanic river realm, over heated
under whelm, aching ovulation elm,
ace in hole and hot head helm.
Acid ornamental time, iffy rooftop
winter wine, haste not waste not
wish to rhyme, rodeo &
wool wit rind. Tippy toppy til the
end, fracking first the fibber’s friend,
frightened fist for foreborn foes,
til the tank of Tilden blows.
Coddle, bottle, beer can eyes,
butch baked bunnies bear their thighs,
bucks bring bling but best to buy
buckets for the big surprise. Stop
the silhouetting sun,
cunning colder cohorts come,
can creatures feature cautious courts,
capers’ carefree calm of port.
Put the peace pipe on the porch!
Pickled pancreatic torch, order
plates, prophetic forks,
famous form for yester-York.


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Not Enough Night
Not Enough Night
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