Caitlin Scholl: Childhood Two

=================================== Fall '11 TOC

Highways crisscross waterways
canals & estuaries towards the Atlantic
from Miami Beach to the greater metropolis


used to harbor boats and bloated bodies
men, women, dunked & sunk by who
eleven or so, he and the other kids


among mangroves, Cadillacs exploding overhead
a city boy grew up remembering alligators
those waters and some freedom


Jazz always had a house
some exotic thing with big tits
fetish high together by the pool

screen door humid or sexy air
when dad was out, drums back lemonade
some foreign chick, all of knockers


hanging on the bottom rub
asked and though he wanted to
the boy said no


Weekly gig with Miami and months
out fancy where things full of glamour
those Saturday nights

wouldn’t spend any together
shoot the moon, and just
kick a wink going, get laid


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Not Enough Night
Not Enough Night
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