Caitlin Scholl: Breakfast in the Pink Room

Fall '11 TOC

flowers in the middle, let me move these so I can see you
how was your night out last night? dishes on the side, eggs
sugar bowl, yellow china, what time was it when you came in?
almost five, was I loud? we were talking — fairy castle
hexagon, bullet hole glass, no the floors have been soundproofed,
they have? no they haven’t, bits of apple sliding the floor, sun
scrape cherry slats, orchid drift, you went to a tranny club?
how fabulous, how new york! — grass seeds clover seeds
germination china & hutch aroma, Tangerine Jones!
She stared down my friend! Truly! it explodes on the mantle,
picture frame, strawed, ribbon, I had trouble sleeping last night,
you were up? tell me why, boiling pot third-story Saturday
goat butter rub, the slipper, the night! the night! aha ha ha
is it breakfast or lunch right now? marble bread board
cat milk no-tailed Bim, It’s time to go! Throw on a dress!

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