Steve Katz - What Has Been Done

Fall '10 TOC

All praise to Duncan Mustard who built
My simple bed of pine boards and rough
Slats and four thin square legs.
He included two deep drawers that slide
Without apparatus.  He used no nails, no
Screws.  The slats are unfinished, rough
To keep the mattress from slipping
In my agitated sleep, or when I’m with you.
When we romp, we hump, we wriggle. 
The mattress stays.  All praise to him.

All praise to Duncan Mustard, slim, elegant,
Handsome despite himself.  He built
The convertible futon platform
That as a couch is comfortable against
The back, and if you pull the pegs so
The platform lowers, it lies flat and level
For the futon.  With sheer technology of mind
He drew the curve that makes this possible
Then cut the base to conform.  He used no
Screws.  He used no nails.  All praise to him.

All praise to Duncan Mustard who made
This simple bench that is so refined.  Three
Birch boards finished and joined, no nails,
No screws.  He created the best angle
For the legs to make the platform stable
And strong.      All praise to him!

All praise to Duncan Mustard who extended
This deck with juniper boards that hardly rot,
And set in the ground around the deck three
Hearty posts from which can swing both
Clothesline and hammock.  Here he used some
Nails, and here some screws.    All praise to him!

All praise to Duncan Mustard, who with Alison
Laid the shingles on this house like a carefully
Woven overcoat with a stylish crenellation                               
To separate bedrooms above from all rooms
Below.  The shingles lie flush and alternate.
They protect the house from rain and
Ruinous wind.    All praise to them.

All praise to the Alison Mustard who weaves
Her fabrics of silk and linen, of soy and hemp
Finer than silk, at her loom away at the top
Of Cape Mabou road and as I write and as you
Read is dying the thread to arm the loom.  She
Will weave the scarf I throw around my neck.
All praise to her!

All praises to Duncan and Alison Mustard
Who rule the empire of nowhere of where
They are on Cape Mabou road, anti-despots
Of the woods, just emperor and empress
Of wherever they be.  All praise to them.

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