Steve Katz: Southern Woman Blues

Fall '10 TOC

Eagle heads back, flying low along
The rim.  Yawn.  Fall plenty asleep
Despite that thought of "I should be
Robust."  Eight fetuses in one woman
Who refuses to abort six so maybe two
Can live.  Pro-life applauds.  It comes
To me just to snooze, like running
A finger across the cake, for a taste
Of sleep.  What at all goes on?  Just
This small thing lofted on the wind; like
A plastic garment bag, for instance; but
Nobody down here wears garments.  At
Some point, take a shower.  She left me here,
The southern woman.  Last night at the races
This airedale stood at the rail, and watched
Every race.  He's way into horses, someone
Said.  Not a local expression.  Long sips
At the feeder, hummingbird.  Is sugar
Water good for these wee birds?  They
Hover, tiny but robust, one with a ruby
Throat, the others green-backed, some
Colorless, more or less, like ravens in the dawn
Or spuds in the evening, those finches bland
Through the day.  Recall the events of August 8
1991.  That was when...  Some eagles then,
more fishing, more gulls, but fewer
terns and kittiwakes.  Did Elvis liberate
Women in the deep South?  Where is
This deep south?  And how down does it go?

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