Yasamin Ghiasi: Perpetual Diffusion: The Anti-biography of a Monster

Fall '10 TOC

Notes toward failure: (Place and Glissant)

Section 1) The exile cracks for no apparent particulates, thus deducing 3 probable results. Hence eternal, hence something that does not comprehend. The end of day becomes a penny postcard, but this is only one method of making sense. Another: we stink of rot and history.

Section 2a) The immediacy of contact is exacerbated by brutality.

Section 7) The horrors of the place are closed, but the words derived from it remain open. Green around the edges, solitary, and struck dumb. This is one part; a limited part. This makes one amenable to instruction, which is autobiographical memory.

Section 3a) Confluences always partake in marginality.

Of the notes found here there are continuous webbed fingers smearing the delineation between history and geography. This is also geometry: the geometry of absence and obsession whose central mechanism is maximum subsidization. If these risky keys signify emotion induction sites, then I posit the deconstruction of any ideal relationship as it is thus recused of every generalization. Nonetheless, consult these ruins.

Notes toward multiplication:
Composed of different or incongruent elements, I existed as the idea of temporal extension. Derived from heterogenous sources, I held the framework. Double meaning, super-position: hair standing on end, a feral dog. I am persuaded and sundry. These days a monstrous production still sometimes appears in my brain, repeating itself. The question of my mother is on the table; a hinged lid bending back and forth. Dark arterial streets, neglected ovary hard as an acorn by later intrusions from the same source. A new type of ghost-orchid egg resulting from the assimilation and melting among things the body doesn’t know. Try it again in English: the incipient line of trees and the precipice of New York.

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Not Enough Night
Not Enough Night
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