Diana K. McLean: Herstory

Fall '10 TOC

Trojan Kassandra
was called
because she tried to warn her people
of the coming destruction,
suggested that her brother’s choice of bride
might have serious consequences.

Roman Diana
was called
because she didn’t believe
women should be subjects of men,
didn’t like Peeping Toms near her bath,
preferred to remain single.

Jewish Lilith
was called
because she saw herself
as Adam’s equal
in bed and elsewhere.

Her replacement, Eve,
was called
because she dared to offer
Adam a chance at knowledge
and took some for herself.

British Morgaine
was called
because she believed in
something older
than their new young god,
believed in Avalon
rather than Glastonbury.

The moral of these stories:
write your own biographies.

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