Yasamin Ghiasi: Brass Button Half-Buttoned: Due to Our Irresistible, Atavistic Urge

Fall '10 TOC

We say these things with
rocks in our mouths to
set bright the steel
of the body’s old business.

Say: “I will begin again
at the next indentation
of kindness like splinters
of glass.”

Hide the unbearable and do
not tremble or twirl your
body in extravagant shapes.

Hide the unbearable. Make
‘I love you’ slide backward
into the petrified forest
of a red-brick building

Do you remember when
I fastened my pearls
to your matter-thin
body, each rib a ringing
of moon? We were a
constellation in the mouth’s
dark ghetto without sound
to speak this urgency.

We house these things
and shine from the oil. The
rocks move in our mouths.

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Not Enough Night
Not Enough Night
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