Artist's Statement: Helen Braider

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For nearly forty years, I have been an artist mainly carving stone and wood. Recently, because I fell in love with the horizon line as it stretches out to the eastern reaches of Colorado, I moved into landscape painting. As a three-dimensional artist, I love to stretch the possibilities of the picture plane, cutting into it and building up onto that flat surface with found wood, and then adding small carved wooden figures. I want to capture the moment that we see others in the distance as they stand in relation to the vastness of the land and the sky, the endless prospect measured out in details in the landscape—a tree, a butte, a road. I also play with the illusion of perspective: what is in front, what is within, what is far away, how a particular detail that we might notice in a momentary glance can leap forward and become large, or trigger a memory of another day, or another season.

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Not Enough Night
Not Enough Night
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