Anne Maclean : Will's Address to Walt

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     O, Walt Whitman, what widens within you?
     What do you hear, and what have you seen?
     Who are the multitudes singing their song to?
     How far round the heaven’s wide globe have you been?
     I’ve beheld the four corners, the fair mountains tall,
     The seven vast oceans, the swift rivers white,
     The deserts, the glaciers, the proud forests all,
     The wide, windy pastures have been my delight.
     I’ve heard children crying, their mothers aggrieved,
     I’ve seen ruined towns, people fled in the dark.
     I’ve heard children laughing, and then I believed
     In our limitless, glorious, unquenchable spark.
     The whole earth surrounds me, wrapped in my embrace,
Every man, every woman, is blessed with God’s grace.

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Not Enough Night
Not Enough Night
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