Amy Catanzano: The Imaginary Present

Fall '09 TOC

DEAR ALETHEIA, EPOCHÉ WRITES. I hope this finds you submerged in love,
where I know you are happiest. And, of course, in the life you pursue
wandering, where the Theory of the Derivé most certainly flourishes,
which I also hold to the highest regard and think of often. Its warped, rose
surface. However, as you must be aware, there is some urgency to my
communication, as I would never break cover without extraordinary
reasons, but, alas, here I am, unearthed, having survived the mental and
physical ambiences, unbroken. So, let me be precise: I have caught word
of the existence of psychogeographies. They appear located near the
center of the surveillance ruins, where evolution grows. And the
encounters we will inevitably find there. I know I shouldn’t convey too
much, but I must, please forgive me, communicate the exact coordinates
that must be sought. Or, I am hoping, I will be by your side as we
investigate. I am undecided if you will remember me, the role I played in
your social morphology, and the later role I played in the first navigational
charts of the sentient continents. Now, for the center jewel: I have
obtained the iEpiphany. It is transmitting shortly. Helicoidally yours,

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Not Enough Night
Not Enough Night
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