Anne Maclean: Contemporaries

Fall '09 TOC

For Jack Kerouac, 1922–1969
and Judy Garland, 1922–1969
Inspired by Clark Coolidge’s “Kerouac Entire” Workshop, June 25–29, 2007

Jack and Dorothy danced down the road
Which old road?
The Yellow Brick Road.

Her ruby slippers
gleamed so brightly
so I-don’t-knowly

Jack blinked his eyes and laughed.

Toto trotted along beside.
Jack picked him up and said,
“Hey, man, I wish you were a kitty-cat.”
Toto bit him.

Dorothy took him in her arms
and kissed Jack’s hand to make it better.

He carried her basket and she carried Toto
as they danced along,
singing scat
her voice high and clear,
his low, a little off

their voices ringing through the woods
keeping the witch at bay
and the lions and tigers and bears.

And on they went,
arm in arm,
to the end of the road,
to their new beginning.

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Not Enough Night
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