Anne Maclean - Annoya

Fall '09 TOC

for Christian Bök

apples fall far
and land at Anne’s small hat
fat chance

we heard the trees
when they fell
then ended the western elfs’ sleep

no, not too loose to lose
loonies1 through loopy spools
out holes of cloth.

dumb humbugs
shut up

shy sylphs fly

Martha saw day dawn,
as a lark sang.

When Eve met the Serpent,
He led her where? The Tree.
Then left her there.

Dick is sick with ticks.
His itch splits skin.

is ice still sliding
in its high clime?
I’m finding time slip.

Scott sold stock short.
Got bonds, too.  Lost lots.
Stocks hot? Thought not.

1. The Canadian $1 coin

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