Cliff Fyman: Jungle Freeze

Fall '08 TOC

I want to see your zoo
My friend wants to see Mary’s favorite melody
That tooth wants to sit under your cake
I spilled the tree in bed and had to eat grass
Father has eaten a cow
The cow has eaten the tree
The tree has eaten a tree and a cow and father yesterday
Someone has my god
I want Mary
Mary wants a new zoo
Mrs Buttons wants a melody
The melody wants a house
The house wants many subjects
The subjects need a present
The present is hurting me
It’s hurting me to stay in bed
To stay in bed is a subject hurting me
The newspaper is hurting me in my feet
I left the present behind newspaper under the tree
to wear my hat to the zoo
The zoo is my favorite melody
I wear the melody of Mary in my hat
I miss Mary and kiss her in my glass
I miss this house that is mine
seeing wearing Mary she’s missing her glass
Maybe I will see her under the tree
that is shading this bed
where good cakes are coming from the newspaper
I left the newspaper under Mary’s tree
because it promised cake
but it spilled ink onto the tree
and I gave the cake to the tree
that father ate
that Mary said is a new hurt
that made me smile the pain away in my hat
That hat that has just come home with my tooth
Sit down please on the mat
Should I take off my shoes to sit on the map?
Should I not miss Mary?
I can say I love Mary
and want to marry Mary
because that’s not her name
and it’s not Harry either
though I know a Mary
who ties her hair back to imitate Harry
I didn’t want it to go in this direction
I wanted it to stay with Mary
with her absence which I won’t let
anyone take away from me
William Shakespeare loved my Mary
and took her away from me
but he says he’ll give her back
if I can marry misery and make her glad
I’m glad this morning
that the arguments of last night’s subjects
seem to have subsided
The sun rising over the jungle
is a subject I’m not arguing with
because I know I can love Mary
and bring her to this jungle with me

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