Noelle Levy : Human Sacrifice

Fall '07 TOC


We still practice human sacrifice
to appease the gods.
Men dress in costume and
walk into battle
for Quetzalcoatl or Allah or
Uncle Sam or maybe Old Dinero.

I am writing in the language
of the colonizer.
We still hope to civilize
the savages.  Yes, we are
very, very civilized, you know.
(I am holding a teacup
with my little finger extended.)

So many have died
stricken with the god-plague.
High Priests decide when
the stars are aligned for battle.
They decide when the gods
are hungry for blood, and men
write the books of their gods.

I'm just an unholy woman,
writing on this unholy page.
I'm probably crazy or
on the rag or something.



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