Kelly McKnight: yoga windows

Fall '06 TOC

there's a lace curtain over old window panes,
slow glass sliding downward
panes warp and slide –
will they break before the liquid moves?

the baby will shoot up tall, walk wither and die
all the cheerios diapers words strolls cowlicks all
belong to the ancients
she will belong to the ancients
she will be as old –

here lap-top is broke
at home, that horrible shut-down worm
at school, people beep the microwave
at library, must use kiddie station –
chairs and tables six inches off the ground

computer yoga

ancients sit in sunny window, order words through lace
scratch the paper, wait for baby
the quiet has lasted –

baby sweating, more or less hydrated, how important
living in space alone or with others how important
if she cuts hair or buys boxes of dye how important
if drag king wants her how important
if she gets key made or buys new one how important
if she washes how important

so what

says woman of email summer –

you don't have to do it like someone else
you just have to do it with someone else

and piano tunes the morning

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