Kelly McKnight: truth contours

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What do they see. Is there there. Are they there even if I don't believe.
What does believing create. If I believe or don't, is it holy.
Can they see the bubble of 217 twitching with life of the cosmos.
How about the red lights between there and where they want to go.
And who gets to.

* * *

so quiet in here just the
clock turn of the pages falling
together starship people
falling into wobbly
shiny balloon time
fallen and lifted
without having anything
at all to do —
but there's damage
if we don't or can't attain
if there's nothing to attain we are still damaged —
having fallen into the vast fading center of time
what is this business   of         accept         of    true    empty

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Not Enough Night
Not Enough Night
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