Dru Philippou: Heart's Song

Fall '06 TOC

All through the summers, we chewed bubble gum, wrapped in wax paper comic strips while rambling through the woods. We climbed our tree house to read The Beano. Dennis the Menace spellbound me while you giggled over Minnie the Minx in radiant oblivion to all that surrounded us.

There was a sacred boundary in our friendship that could not be crossed because of innocence. Over time, I have loved silently, remembering our closeness.

Then after many years in quiet and empty living and with the warm days beginning, I heard a stranger's voice behind the rose bush breaking into blossom.
"Are you the one that's been looking for me?"
And as if my life had begun again, I answered, "Yes."

Of this love, the world has regained its wonder. We share pink delicious gum in our garden by puffs of pearl white baneberries near the gleaming stream.

The years flow by, and I affirm the joy in ordinary things. I think of my first playmate in gum under the shimmering stars singing through me.

reaching for paper
origami Gnasher
under the moonlight

Originally published in Presence Haiku Journal


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