Joanne Kyger: The Insurgents

Fall '05 TOC

Surging in     like sea waves do
                 Not a revolution         not belligerency

But an uprising rising up
                 Of focused nameless opposition

                                    Keeps you very busy
                    Farewell, I must leave, bye-bye

"The insurgency is sophisticated
           and stronger than anticipated."

                "My name is Isis" says a small child
                             "and that means Egyptian Goddess"

"No it means stupid dirty little girl"
        says the California Secretary of Education


             Constantly create the enemy
                  Constantly create the war
                     "I'm a war president, I'm a war president"


Belligerent naked lady stalks
    Completely without leaves                      

                    On a cliff above the high tide surging
                          In a huge gathering flow


                             Can you beat THIS into submission?

July 20, 2004


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