Mónica de la Torre: Talk Show

Fall '05 TOC

–Sometimes when we go out to dinner I notice that my wife doesn't respond to the
things I'm saying. She seems to be listening, but doesn't answer my questions. Then I realize
that she's overhearing the conversation at the table next to us.

–Get away from me! Who do you think you are, hitting my arm like that! What kind of a
person are you? A terrorist?

–Don't look at me as if I was a woman with a rotten tooth, look at me as if I was me.

–¡Viva México cabrones!

–I can't think of anything I'd like to do less than to go to Disney with my dad.

–When are they going to start using electric cars, huh? It's totally idiotic. Gridlock, all
the way from First Avenue! Something's wrong, you gotta change it! Damn!

–That other guy, he fell asleep while driving. He hasn't been able to work again. His
whole body is covered in metal casts and stuff. –Thirty years old! –Y le dije "Don't you care about yourself?" He answered no. "Well, you should care
about the other drivers." Se quedó callado.

–See that ring over there? The amber one? It looks as if it has bugs in it, or crocodiles.

–Eso está más podrido que la mierda.

–I told her, "Look, I don't know you very well, but don't you think that before you leave him
you should at least have a conversation with him?"

–Mom, someone told me that when you're fifteen you feel that you're in love but it's not

–Hey, long time no see! How's it going?
–Don't ask. Just got out of jail.
–You got lucky, Mom. Just think if I hadn't had those forty bucks on me.

–I swear, I haven't gotten a cold in fifteen years. People talk to me, I stay away.
–That's got to be a nice safety net, mentally.

–I've never seen so much polishing in my life.

–The walls were so thin I could hear the conversations next door. All women's
residencies look exactly the same.
–The wall is so gross, it looks as if something's growing on it. Did you make it look that way?
–It's just wallpaper.

–So, if you do get to talk to someone, I need to know what she died of and where, who
survived her, and why she was so private about her personal life. Then I could write an obituary.

–This so beautiful I don't find it inspiring.
–Have you been to Maine?
–Moose are so big they couldn't fit in this room.
–Yeah, I saw some moose on television.

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