Joanne Kyger: Short Cuts to Baghdad

Fall '05 TOC

Sensitive to these demands
    women, scientists, heads, found in a flower bed

Security, ah yes, security,               good luck               life is suffering right?

Psychic wound inflicted on the soul of every Arab
   With the usurping of Palestinian land. . .
    . . .says the president of Pakistan
         In the UN today

Oh the injustice       oh the stupidity      oh the awful father oh the punishment
   A thousand in Haiti swallowed by mud,
      Venezuela gives 1 million dollars, U.S. $65.

White bread is going bankrupt
   with the sodden guzzle of the moment

Waiting for the solstice quail count
   THEY don't give a shit
     It's the flip-flop year of the monkey
        A perfect way to get around
          On hot desert sand

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Not Enough Night
Not Enough Night
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