Mónica de la Torre: Landscape, Bleak

Fall '05 TOC

1/8/03 Tea with friend at local café. We discuss job hunts, men, women, & the writing life.

You're right, we can't go back.
The older we get, the deeper the hindsight
bias. But what exactly is it
that swerves, changes its course.
Which one of the narratives?
The one partially reconstructed,
which never followed a straight line anyway.
Situations can be reproduced,
just think about hormogones.
Mama was Mammitu, in Mesopotamia.

Good hard working painter who has never showed around.
The hosts of today are the cannibals of tomorrow.
That's not a good quote.
The hosts of tomorrow are the cannibals of today.
People only hate people their own age.
That's not a good quote.
The cannibals of today are the hosts of tomorrow.
Sports of all sorts, a monologue.
The cannibals of tomorrow are today's hosts.
Idolaters: Are cannibals too.

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