Joanne Kyger: Carl Jung Greeted

Fall '05 TOC

Carl Jung greeted all his kitchen utensils
   first thing in the morning—
 "Good morning frying pan

     Hello cup
       Greetings little silver spoon"

                    We're all in this together
                    even though your thoughts think

you are a big deal and try and turn

you into somebody special, like 'god'
 who does not stoop to good and evil

             Two billion spent on War so far could have been spent on dentistry

       Cannot hide from the sorrow and danger
            of invading a country like a video game
               or that media news becomes your 'life'

The poison oak turning red in the continuity of the underbrush
     Everlasting pearly wisdom reseeding like crazy.

Really, can't see a foot ahead of me, not sun
    nor moon nor stars. So there
        we are in this dim light

contemplating the agro-terrorism of bio-tech corn
  or the phythophora ramorum pathogen
     which strikes an oak to sudden death

Peering at concepts like 'dangerous democracies'
Peering out from under the covers

in the season of the fog


July 31, 2004


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