Bombay Gin Previous Issues

Bombay Gin #39.2; 2013

Bombay Gin 39.2 Front Cover

featuring Tisa Bryant, Rachel Levitsky, Tracie Morris, Harryette Mullen, Eleni Sikelianos, Anne Waldman, and Akilah Oliver


Bombay Gin #39.1; 2013

Bombay Gin39.1

featuring CA Conrad, Chris Martin, Rebecca Brown, Anna Joy Springer, and Matthew Cooperman


Bombay Gin #38.2; 2012

Bombay Gin 38.2

featuring Reed Bye, Julie Carr, Noah Eli Gordon, Bin Ramke, and Selah Saterstrom


Bombay Gin #38.1; 2012

Bombay Gin 38.1

featuring Vanessa Place, Thurston Moore, Dodie Bellamy, and Ronaldo Wilson


Bombay Gin #37.2; 2011

Bombay Gin 37.2

featuring Eleni Sikelianos, Lyn Hejinian, Sherwin Bitsui, and Cedar Sigo


Bombay Gin #37.1; 2011

Bombay Gin 37.1

featuring Ed Sanders, Amiri Baraka, Brenda Hillman, and Shin Yu Pai


Bombay Gin #36.2; 2010

Bombay Gin 36.2

featuring Joanne Kyger, Hoa Nguyen, Jack Collom, and Bhanu Kapil


Bombay Gin #36.1; 2010

Bombay Gin 36.1

featuring Peter Markus, Jerome Rothenberg, Gary Snyder, and Cecilia Vicuña


Bombay Gin #35.2; 2009

Bombay Gin 35.2

featuring Sherman Alexie, Akilah Oliver, Carol Mirakove, and Sasha Steensen


Bombay Gin #35.1; 2009

Bombay Gin 35.1

featuring Jena Osman, Sara Veglahn, Julie Carr, and Sawako Nakayasu


Bombay Gin #34.3; 2008

Bombay Gin 34.3

featuring Danielle Dutton, Anne Waldman, Alice Notley, and Joanne Kyger


Bombay Gin #34.2; 2008

Bombay Gin 34.2

featuring Laird Hunt, Johanna Drucker, Andrew Zawacki, and Eileen Myles


Bombay Gin #34.1; 2007

Bombay Gin 34.1

featuring Selah Saterstrom, Bobbie Louise Hawkins, Anselm Hollo, and Brenda Hillman


Bombay Gin #33; 2007

Bombay Gin 33

featuring Hoa Nguyen, kari edwards, Linh Dinh, and Brian Evenson


Bombay Gin #32, 2006

Bombay Gin 32

featuring Jello Biafra, Rebecca Brown, Mahmoud Darwish, and Rodrigo Toscano


Bombay Gin #31; 2005

Bombay Gin 31

This issue has sold out. Please see the Naropa Archives or the Naropa Allen Ginsberg Library to view a copy. Bombay Gin #31 included a CD with selections from the Audio Archive Project. The journal featured Ammiel Alcalay, Sam Hamill, Bob Holman & Federico Garcia Lorca, translated by Luis Valadez.


Bombay Gin #30; 2004

Bombay Gin 30

featuring Renee Gladman, Jen Hofer, and Keith and Rosmarie Waldrop


Bombay Gin #29; 2003

Bombay Gin 29

featuring Renee Gladman, Nathaniel Mackey, Jena Osman, and Joan Retallack


Bombay Gin #28; 2002

Bombay Gin 28

featuring Lyn Hejinian, Jackson MacLow, Alice Notley, and Juliana Spahr


Bombay Gin #27; 2001

Bombay Gin 27

featuring Clark Coolidge, Stacy Doris, Thalia Field, and Lisa Robertson


Bombay Gin #26; 2000

Bombay Gin 26

featuring Wanda Coleman, Brenda Coultas, Akilah Oliver, and Chris Tysh


Bombay Gin #25; 1999

Bombay Gin 25

featuring Ted Berrigan, Allen Ginsberg, Wang Ping, and Eleni Sikelianos


Bombay Gin #24; 1998

Bombay Gin 24

featuring Clayton Eshleman, Anselm Hollo, Lisa Jarnot, and Kenneth Patchen


Bombay Gin #23; 1997

Bombay Gin 23

featuring Nicole Brossard, William Burroughs, David Mura, and Eileen Myles


Bombay Gin #22; 1996

Bombay Gin 22

featuring Lee Ann Brown, Beverly Dahlen, Elaine Equi, and Ed Sanders