Table of Contents: Bombay Gin 38.2, 2012

Letter from the Editor


Writing and Art from Colorado’s Front Range

Amanda Vela

Kathleen Willard
It Was

Mark DuCharme
From Distress: A Folk Tale

Sam Wall
From When the House Falls

Richard Froude
The Landlord

Kirstin Wagner
For Navid [a love song]

Christopher Kondrich
From Contrapuntal

 j/j hastain
From: Chöd

 Julieanne Combest
From For Slake

D.R. Varoz

Nils Michals
Six Thousand Stairs
Table, Man Splitting Atom

Julie Carr
[At Shadows]

Felicia Zamora
Death’s Dowry

Katherine West

Charlotte Annie
From Bones in the Sky

Sara Veglahn
From The Ladies

Kelly Austin McClung

Jesse Morse
From Little Locks Turning

Lindsay Miller
Scar (or) How We Got Here in the First Place
Who Does Not Know History

Edwin Torres
Terra Quad
AWARENESS IN THE AGE OF TRANSITION (or) teaching the body as ancient beginning (or) Bop Sense as Evolutionary Gimmick

Matt Wedlock

Eleanor Bennett

Kate Zipse

Toria Clark

Reed Bye
From Fire for Thought

Thibault Raoult
Treenage Hymns II
Treenage Hymns IV

Bin Ramke
In Late Evening the Light Overseen
Population Genetics
For the Circle may be Squared by Swelling and Flattening

Noah Eli Gordon
From Dysgraphia: On Surfaces, Psoriasis, Reading, and Erasure

Mike Salisbury
The Front Range

Anne Waldman
Sunken Suns

Alison Burns
From the memoir Dhalinka Muse
She-Wolf of Rome

Bobbie Louise Hawkins
From Adages


 Selah Saterstrom
Summer Writing Program Lecture 2008: Notes forThe Divinatory as a Mode of Engagement

Rick Moody
Summer Writing Program Performance 2011: The Darkness is Good

Humanifesto: Summer Writing Program 2011


Richard Froude, The Passenger
Reviewed by Jade Lascelles

Haruki Murakami, 1Q84
Reviewed by Dale Howard

Eric Baus, Scared Text
Reviewed by April Joseph

Joanna Ruocco, A Compendium of Domestic Incidents
Reviewed by Christopher P. Shugrue

Chris Martin, Becoming Weather
Reviewed by Stephani Nola