Bombay Gin 38.1 Table of Contents


Letter from the Editor

Threshold: Tenuous Proposition Of

Vanessa Place with Heather Goodrich
The Site of Potential Encounter: An Interview with Vanessa Place

Vanessa Place

Lily Hoang
Prayers for the Family
Until When | When Until

Dodie Bellamy
When The Sick Rule The World

Ronaldo Wilson with Jess Hagemann
“Off the Dome”: An Interview with Ronaldo Wilson

Ronaldo Wilson
Ant Threshold
The Fuckers Left The Head 

Bhanu Kapil
Nude Page for BAN
a poem-essay or precursor: Notes: for a novel: BAN en BANLIEUES

Paul D. Miller (DJ Spooky)
from The Book of Ice
Why I Went to Antarctica

Colin Frazer

Lara Durback

Lara Durback, Colin Frazer, Julia Seko, & Wesley Tanner with Jade Lascelles & Alice Virginia 
A Tactile Conversation

Julia Seko 

Christina Mengert
Meditation #1
Meditation #2
Meditation #3
Meditation #4
Meditation #5

Erin Morrill
Notes on Precipice and Exit Velocity:The Replicable Procedure of Leaving
that thing the sky is doing? dawning
that perfect light

Thurston Moore

Thurston Moore with Katie Ingegneri
Noise Poetry: An Interview with Thurston Moore

Ana Bozicevic
How to be an Eastern European Poet
About Context (around VP)
About Content
We’re the Aliens We’ve Been Waiting For


Jenny Boully, Not Merely Because of the Unknown that was Stalking Toward Them
Reviewed by Brenna Lee

Gérard Gavarry, translated by Jane Kutz, Making a Novel
Reviewed by Denise Kinsley

Kirsten Kaschock, Sleight: A Novel
Reviewed by Kristen Park

Omar Pérez, translated by Kristin Dykstra, Did You Hear About the Fighting Cat?
Reviewed by Kelly Alsup

Margaret Randall, Ruins and First Laugh: Essays 2000-2009
Reviewed by Diana K. McLean

Kate Zambreno, Green Girl
Reviewed by Heather Goodrich