Bombay Gin

Here's some of the work you'll find in Bombay Gin 2000...

Akilah Oliver
Fib #99

Walking early this cold morning when I could no longer bear this simple and sad gloom that laced my discontent, the sky as a grimace or some kind of anguish: similar to a woman's face: in this case, entirely arbitrary woman's: woman as a totalizing term: the essential grimace: a falling away from youth: a mirror cold recognition slight panic, tubercular temporal, the unconscious reaching for the breast, a reassurance: sexy this intimacy of gesture=a kind of holding one's own meaning. what if when it finally betrays me or I it I am unready to let go. the most ordinary happenings negotiate their own permanence: this I think I will remember when I am there in it now.


Excerpt from "trilogy diction" for Barbara Guest by Anne Waldman

singular? cartilaginous?
even stranger
artisans of incandescent workshop
keep the drift
moquettes to step firmly on get crushed
as late summer grasses hold us
with ideas of their own
plant first with silver hand
plant a syllabic riddle
trod on for psalm & psyche
rune is
the way they serve
& with painting to look at
& mine, mine line, mere tailor's chalk
to theirs
erasure for the real cut & swing
of line.