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Bombay Gin Issue #44: A Constellation of Ghosts



BG#42, Reprogramming the Wilderness


Featuring: Donald Guravich, Jack Collom, JOanne Kyger, Conley Lowrance, Jacob Moeller, Wayne Yandell, Sylvia Chan, Emily J Cousins, David Graham, Lillian Kwok, David Noethedge, Brandon North, Andrea Jurevic, Arielle Hebert, Shanita Bigelow, Laura Arcinega, Laurinda Lind, Daniel Battigalli-Ansell, Jim Ross, Terrell Jamal terry, Ben Pelhan, Diitry Blizniuk, Matt Schumacher, Erin L. Mccory, Mingpei Li, Greg Ferbrache, Ross Robbins, Denise Jarrott, Nicolas Wesely, Stephanie Heit, Rachel Kass, Fulla Abdul-Jabbar, Milo Gallagher, Luna Mrozik Gawler, Allen Ginsberg

Summer Writing Program Collaborative Poem: Womb Bloom Obligate 

Cover Art: Front -- Untitled (floor) / Back -- Untitled (stairs) by Jeremy Freedman

Book Reviews: Danielle Barnhart on HOTHOUSE by Karyna Mcglyn


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