Courses & Requirements

Master of Divinity (On-Campus & Low-Residency Options)

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Students have the option of a low-residency or on-campus degree program. The sequence of courses for the two options is outlined below.

Please note that the low-residency program includes one additional semester, so as to disperse the coursework to be more manageable for those with busy schedules and other commitments. The low-residency version of the program does not include live class meetings and instead utilizes mostly on-demand programming with live class meetings only when deemed necessary.

Four in-person retreats are required for the MDiv program: Three nine-day retreats and one seven-day retreat. The first two nine-day retreats occur at the beginning of the first two semesters of the program; the third nine-day retreat occurs at the beginning of the fourth semester. The seven-day retreat occurs at the end of one of the summer sessions, and which summer session depends upon the year when the student started the program.


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