Faculty Services


Visit the circulation desk to receive a library card and to have your account activated, as well as to check out materials including Interlibrary Loans

User Type COVID Impacted Loan Period:
Books/Video and CD
Books /AV
Item Limit:
Books / AV
Core Faculty

1 month / 7 days (request if needed longer)

1 / 1 10 / 10
Adjunct Faculty 1 months / 7 days 1 / 1 10 / 10


Naropa faculty, students, and staff are able to recall materials from any library user if items have been checked out for 4 weeks or more. If an item is needed for a Naropa course reserve, it can be recalled immediately. If you have checked out an item and it is recalled, you will be notified by email and given a new due date.

There is a 30 day grace period for most overdue items. After 30 days, overdue fines will start accruing at $0.25 per day, per item. When an account has $8.00 or more in fines, library privileges are suspended. After an item is 60 days overdue (or after 8 days of being recalled and not returned), it is marked "assumed lost" and the patron is billed for the replacement cost + $25 processing fee. 

Certain items do accrue fines immediately following their due date: interlibrary loans ($0.50/day), reserve materials ($0.50/hr), and audiovisual equipment ($1.00/hr). We will suspend your privileges until your bills are paid or the items are returned.

Collection Development

Each School is allocated a budget for library materials (monographs, audio visual material). Each School has different ways of disseminating budgets and of keeping track of orders. Contact your Administrative Specialist for specific information.

The library is available to support departments with building collections in a variety of ways. These include:

  • completion of a collection evaluation to identify areas needing development;
  • preparation of a comprehensive collection development plan and policy to help assure even collections;
  • consideration of collection development tools to help with selection and ordering, including a selection program based on a Naropa University curriculum profile;
  • development of endowed book funds to increase budgets for collections.

For a copy of the complete Collection Management Policy (2012 version), please contact the Interim Library Director, Sherri Pauli, spauli@naropa.edu


Services are impacted by COVID-19 response. Please see our Course Reserves page for complete information on print reserves and online sourcebooks.

Audiovisual Equipment

Services are impacted by COVID-19 response. Current Naropa faculty can borrow audiovisual equipment such as multimedia projectors, laptops, digital voice and video recorders, and more from the library. The library staff is available for consultations.

Interlibrary Loan

Services are impacted by COVID-19 response. Faculty are welcome to use our Interlibrary Loan service to obtain materials we don't own. While many libraries charge us a fee and we often pass this fee on to users, faculty fees are paid for by the library.

Information on other local libraries is also available to help you locate and borrow material you need in the most efficient way possible.


Helpful Fair Use Resources:

Faculty and instructors at Naropa are encouraged to think through copyright and fair use when preparing course materials. Please see the tools below, which can assist you in making informed decisions about copyright.

Fair Use Evaluator: this tool can help you understand the "fairness" of a use under U.S. Copyright Code. It will also provide you with documentation regarding your fair use decisions that you can save for future reference.

Copyright Checklist created at Columbia University by Kenneth Crews: a paper form that you can print and use to help make fair use determinations. Also a handy form to share with students who may be using copyrighted works in assignments.

University of Minnesota Digital Fair Use Checklist: a digital adaptation of the Copyright Checklist created by Kenneth Crews.

Digital Copyright Slider: can help you determine whether the work in question is still protected by copyright.

Exceptions for Instructors eTool: created by Michael Brewer and the American Library Association Office of Information Technology Policy. This tool can walk you through further considerations to determine whether your classroom use is fair.

Teach Act Resources:

The Teach Act was enacted to enable educators in using copyrighted materials for distance education, with certain restrictions.