Resources & Tools Available

There are many different types of resources available to you for gathering information on your topic.

For different types of resources, there are different tools for finding them.

  • HOWLcat, the library catalog - find books, reference books, sound and video recordings, printed journals.
  • Research Databases - search in different databases for magazine, journal and newspaper articles. Full-text of some reference books and statistical information.
  • Websites - current news, government publications, public opinion, maps and more.

Timeline of Information

Information about events changes over time and becomes available in different formats and places.

Event Occurred... Source Type of Information Where to Find?
1-3 Days Ago Newspapers;
news reporting;
some analysis of data
On the Web
1 Week - Several
Weeks Ago
overview of events;
some analysis;
still news reporting
Various databases including Academic Search Premier
Several Months Ago
and Longer
in-depth research;
detailed examination
Various databases
1 -3 Years Ago
and Longer
Books lengthy analysis or
general discussion;
can be interdisciplinary
HOWLcat, the library catalog
More than 3
Years Ago
Other Reference Sources
brief overviews or
factual information
HOWLcat, the library catalog

Based on UCLA Help Guide: The Flow of Information