Scholarly vs. Popular Periodicals

Popular Magazines Scholarly Journals
Time Magazine Journal of Cross Cultural Psychology
Intended for a general audience;
no special knowledge is required.
Intended for an audience knowledgeable of the scholarly field.
Articles written by journalists with no special training in the field; usually only the author name is listed, if anything. Articles written by scholars;
usually hold a graduate degree in the field; author is listed along with position or credentials.
Articles do not have footnotes. Articles have footnotes.
Publication usually has advertising, color photographs, and glossy pages. Little if any advertising or splashy photographs;
usually printed on plain paper.
Little editorial information. A full editorial board is listed.
Articles are not peer-reviewed. Articles are peer-reviewed (editor sends copies of a submitted article to experts in the field for their judgment).
Usually for profit. Usually not for profit.
May have slant (conservative, liberal). Usually neutral (no slant).